Teaching Meditation with Nischala Joy Devi

Thursday, April 30th


Meditation is quickly becoming one of the most recommended health modalities for people in all walks of life. Athletes, military personnel, and corporate executives, are just some of the populations seeking the benefits of this stress-reducing practice. Research shows us the science behind meditation and why it brings about the remarkable changes that it does. As the science goes mainstream, interest in meditation increases. Are you ready?

As a yoga teacher, therapist, or health professional, you may consider teaching meditation to your clients. Do you hold back from teaching meditation because you don’t feel confident or comfortable? Do you feel you don’t have the skills or instruction in a variety of techniques?

Join Nischala Joy Devi for a new course in teaching meditation. Designed to equip yoga teachers, therapists or others with a background in yoga or meditation with a deeper understanding of various meditation practices and teaching preparation that will support your students and clients.

Topics covered will include:

How to prepare your students for meditation
Specific practices to fit the student’s level and needs
Teaching to individuals and groups
How to structure a meditation class
Addressing questions and concerns
How to support your students as they encounter blocks and obstacles
More than learning to meditate, this is the art and skill of teaching meditation.
Required reading-Nameste Effect. You can find it on Amazon.
6 CEU.

Cost $100.

Yoga & Somatics

Live Pain-Free for Everybody

Saturday, Feb. 29th

1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

$25 pre-register/$30 day-of

Living with stiffness and pain? Have you tried everything for relief, but were told "Its part of aging", or "You just have to live with it?" The answer lies in your body's deep-set movement patterns.

Somatics is a method of neuromuscular retraining developed by Dr. Thomas Hanna. Our muscles become tight or restricted due to habitual patterns, emotional stress, injuries or trauma. In this workshop you will learn a series of slow and gentle exercises that release held muscle tension and retrain habitual movement patterns.
Somatics is a highly effective tool to relieve chronic pain. The exercises also provide endless benefits for yogis and any one seeking ease and effortlessness in your body.

Yoga & Somatics is about body-mind integration. These mindful movements paired with calming breath work reeducate the brain to relax and restore functionally to our whole body.

It's a different kind of movement training - and it's incredibly effective.

Mary Lou Cerami, RYT will guide this workshop with clear, relevant and heartfelt attention and focus. Most movements will be taught on a yoga mat on the floor with plenty of props and support.

Resolve to Evolve
Kundalini Yoga Workshop Series

Wednesdays, Feb 19th - April 1st
7:15 pm - 8:30 pm
Pre-registration is required!


As we weather these last weeks of winter -it is a perfect time to go inward, clear out subconscious patterns and make room for seeds to be planted this coming Spring. Mercury will be in retrograde during this series, a great time to work with this energy, reflecting on what is not working that needs to be surrendered and make room for what is ready to be birthed. Come move, breath and experience the medicine that mantra and meditation offers. Each class will be comprised of Mantra (affirmation/intention), Pranayama (breath), Asana (movement), Savasana (relaxation), & Dhyana (Meditation) and warm Yogi tea (herbal) will be provided.

Please bring a water bottle and wear loose comfortable clothing. The wearing of light/white natural fibers can enhance the experience, as well as wearing a scarf or head covering.-this is optional.

Kundalini Yoga is the Yoga of Awareness, it is best experienced for thyself. Beginner or long time practitioner-all welcome.

We start where we are.

More information can be found at

Heather Lovegood (Mahanraj Kaur) 

RYT-200/KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor

IL/WI Licensed Massage Therapist.

Relax and Release:

iRest Yoga Nidra Sound Bath

Saturday, March 7th

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


Hosted by: Sarah Bendix and Brittany Loewen

Join us for an evening of meditation and vibrational sound healing. Sarah will lead a guided iRest Yoga Nidra meditation, bringing you into a dreamlike state that invites you to explore deeper consciousness and relieve stress. Brittany will use her operatic voice as a channel, along with crystal singing bowls and pyramid, chimes, gong, and Shruti box, to take you on a vibrational sound journey. This 90-minute meditative concert acts as support for mental, physical, and spiritual alignment.

Organizer of Relax and Release: iRest Yoga Nidra Sound Bath

Brittany Loewen is a sound practitioner, opera singer, and voice teacher. Her lifelong cultivation of vocal arts and performance has created her as a healing vessel of love for all who experience her vocal offerings. Channeling her deep connection to Nature and the Loving Frequencies of the Earth through vocal improvisation with healing instruments, she seeks to balance mind and body with her soothing transmissions. As a voice teacher, Brittany works with professionals from all industries on techniques that help them to find their empowered voices in speech and song. For more information, visit her website at 



Sarah Bendix, LCSW, is a Chicago based theater artist and therapist. She is particularly interested in work that integrates the mind and body to promote healing. She has completed the 33hr level 1 iRest training course and is currently working towards certification as a Somatic Experiencing Practioner (SEP). 

Reserve your space here

Immerse yourself in the rich and powerful sounds while you drift in and out of consciousness. Allow your thoughts, images, and feelings float by in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

Sound meditations are considered deeply healing and restorative. They have been proven to lower blood pressure, release stress and heal us on the molecular level. Physical sound vibrations entrain the brain to move from beta to alpha-theta states. Participation is effortless as the vibrational frequencies of the gongs, bowls, and chimes bring about a blissful state.


Sound Magic: Spring Equinox Gong Immersion and Crystal Bowls

Friday, March 20th

7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

$30 pre-register/$35 day-of

Restorative Reiki
An evening of Reiki & Restorative Yoga ~ Open to all
with Mary Lou Cerami, Reiki Master Teacher

Saturday, March 7th 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm


Reiki is an amazing natural method of healing. Paired with restorative gentle yoga, Reiki will work to open, heal and restore your physical, mental & spiritual self.


Together we will move through gentle restorative yoga movements and everyone will individually receive hands-on Reiki. The overall effect is one of deep relaxation, rejuvenation, physical & mental well-being. 


All levels & abilities welcome, yoga experience is not required

The Heart, The Hub of Healing

Thursday, April 16th

9:30 am - 5:00 pm


Learning how to live, love and let go with Chinnamasta Stiles

The heart is considered the hub of healing as everything flows from the heart and everything returns back into the heart. The nadi system, containing the 72000 energetic rivers throughout your body, all flow from the heart chakra. All currents of sensations pulse through this energetic map of the body, effecting each organ, tissue and nerve.
To maintain health and well-being starts with caring for the heart. When the heart chakra pulsates naturally it functions like a flower, opening to the light. Each life experience effects the heart like a tremor causing it to expand or contract. These ripples effect your physical, emotional and mental well-being.
If you long to live and love more fully, you need a method to navigate yourself through the tender moments that sweep you of your feet. Learning how to pulse with life, letting it come and letting it go. Like a flower budding, bursting open and fading. Your heart is like that. It pulsates, not only physically yet also energetically, with the movements of the wind, the pulsation of the ocean, the waxing and waning of the moon, the vibration of the sun. It reflects how we, as a human being, are one with the macro-cosmos.

Chinnamasta will share and integrate yoga, ayurveda and tantra in a sadhana that flows with ease and simplicity. A practice reflecting balance between stretching yourself into expansion and exploring new ways of being, while protecting the integrity of the body-mind-heart that is your Prakruti (born constitution). Too much spreading causes you to loose prana and the inability to build up strength and courage in the body. Stagnation on the other hand causes clouded vision and the inability to adapt to new circumstances. The middle ground is the abiding in the sacred heart.
“The end of spiritual practice is only attained by placing oneself in the Lord” Patanjali Yoga Sutra Chapter I,23 as rendered by Mukunda Stiles

This day includes a dharma talk about the three hearts and an exploration of kapha, rasa and rakta and the right momentum of shedding during spring season. Also a full rounded practice including all eight limbs of asthangha yoga, incorporating the principles of structural and ayurvedic yoga therapy and tantra. We complete the day with Q &A and with a nada, nidra, meditation practice to integrate to an experience of fullness overflowing.

All current and previous students of the inner peace yoga therapy program are welcome.
This day is to rejoin hearts, reconnect and to polish your personal sadhana. Attending today offers you an opportunity to experience an introduction to the Professional Trilogy Healing Training Program that Chinnamasta has put together. Details of this program are on the website
Some modalities of this program are eligible as an elective for your Inner Peace Yoga Therapeutic 800 hrs Program.


Chinnamasta is available for private sessions on Monday & Tuesday April 20 & 21

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