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Our mission is to honor and embrace each individual as they enter our doors by offering the highest quality yoga and wellness programs in Chicago. One Key Yoga is one of the few studios in Chicago that offers a therapeutic approach to yoga, through the application of yoga techniques to health and wellness challenges. Our core staff has been working with Inner Peace Yoga to complete their 800 hour professional certification program in yoga therapy, in an effort to bring a community and individually tailored approach to well-being. 


Our teachers strive to accomplish this with love, grace, compassion, and, foremost, with respect. We are conveniently located between Ravenswood/Lincoln Square and are easily accessible to all northside neighborhoods. Our studio is located steps from Ravenswood Metra and Damen Brown line using public transportation and right on the Damen bike lane.


We are dedicated to the health and well being of our bodies, our community, and our planet. All of the teachers and staff are here to help you on your path to becoming your wisest, most vibrant self. We hold this motto deep in our hearts. Open your door to  tend the body – and in the glorious process nourish your soul.


Like many of us, Gina came to yoga looking for something to help connect her to community.  She fell instantly in love with yoga and became alive and curious about the body, and was humbled by the profound way in which it communicates. Listening to the cues softly expressed by the body, Gina began her life journey into study, practice and teaching.


One Key Yoga was born out of Gina's desire to create an open and welcoming space to every being who came through her doors; for all levels of interest , practice and age. Her personal motto- "all bodies welcomed". 


One Key yoga has been the host space for all walks of artistic expression and events including sound healing, yoga classes to raise money and awareness to those in need, a physical space that includes local visual artist; an open gallery to display their work. Gina has opened up the studio to self-employed artists, energy workers, small business owners, and vintage clothing swaps as a way to broaden our extended circle.


Gina is deeply committed to all who want to learn the sacred practice of yoga that includes a socially conscious community devoted to our global family, mother earth and all of her gifts. These practices come from the energy that Gina and her community explore together.


Publications of Gina's celebrated work include Yoga Chicago, Time Out Chicago, Explore and Embody Your Nature.


Gina certifications include the Temple of Kriya Yoga, Inner Peace Yoga Therapy, Sundara Yoga Therapy, Trauma Informed. Children and Teen"s Yoga and Shiatsu Massage.


Gina is grateful for the loving guidance of her teachers, Nischala Devi Joy, Durga Leela. Maria Mendola, Neil Pearson, Amy Weintraub,  Chinnamasta Stiles, Genevieve Yellin, Lisa Bergly Pearson and to each being that she has the pleasure of sharing time.


You'll find Gina making pots of tea at the end of her class as an invitation to linger and connect. 



Meet Gina Fitzpatrick

Owner of One Key Yoga

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